Fuck Yeah, Ecco!

Here’s an interview with Mr. Annunziata from July 26, 2012, discussing his storied history making games. I’ve included the bit most relevant to this blog below - head on over to Sega-16 to read the whole thing!


Sega-16: You had mentioned recently that Sega rejected your proposition for a new Ecco the Dolphin title. Are you able to shed any insight into this, and if so, what does the future look like for that iconic series?

Ed Annunziata: For at least 15 years I’ve been trying to convince Sega to allow me to make another Ecco. Honestly I am not sure what the problem is. I even offered to find the funding for development myself if they would just license the character back to me. Maybe one day it will happen, but for now they don’t seem that interested. I would even be happy if someone else made a new version. Ecco deserves better than limbo. I have considered making a different, dolphin based game without the Ecco license, but as irrational as this may sound, I don’t want to hurt Ecco’s feelings. If I made Dave the Dolphin for example, I’d feel like I was cheating on Ecco. Silly, I know. So, I’ll wait and be patient. The current crew at Sega will eventually retire, or get laid off, then I’ll come at them fresh again and maybe get some support. The truth is, it took me almost two years of pleading to get them to sign up to the original Ecco – but luckily I rolled an 18 for tenacity and eventually convinced them. I’ll write you back if anything changes on the Ecco front.


July 29th I made the Ecco Day in our group on VK - http://vk.com/eccothedolphin. It was very successful, and a couple of surprises happened during the day (thanks to Ed!).
Here I show you screenshots of the most successful and important posts. Yes, the Russian Ecco fans is also not forgotten about Dolphin’s Anniversary! ^__^

 I thank all members who participated in this event, as well as James Rolfe for his answer about Ecco and Ed Annunziata for his AMAZING GREAT surprise for us all! I’m happy that everything was so interesting!

Haha, rock it in Russia, guys!

I was honestly amazed by the turnout for the birthday bash. It’s a small fandom, and it’s seen its share of dysfunction, but I’m so glad we’ve stuck together. :)