Fuck Yeah, Ecco!

Genesis Ecco the Dolphin (USA) in 20:44.95 by Itresad (Publication)

Itresad has just created a new Ecco 1 TAS, and it’s a very worthy and much-improved successor to the mindblowing 2009 one nitsuja did. It’s another no-damage run that exploits many glitches discovered in the last five years, and like any good TAS of a hard game, is very funny and satisfying to watch if you’ve ever bashed your head against Ecco’s devious puzzles and enemies. Even Welcome to the Machine is made more interesting with a fun little self-imposed challenge…

If you’re a fan of TAS, go watch this. I promise, you’re not gonna be disappointed.


busy week—it’s time for a Tides of Time sketch


busy week—it’s time for a Tides of Time sketch






This is about more the Genesis/Mega Drive in general, but I think it’d be very relevant to Ecco fans! :D They’ve already made the funding goal, but they’ve got 15 days left as of this writing to get more and take pre-orders. Pretty sweet project!


The sad truth about Russian Ecco the Dolphin localization.

Unfortunately, at a time when Sega Mega Drive was popular in Russia, it was very difficult to find a licensed cartridges. So players often had to get acquainted with the games through pirated copies from China. But … As a child, we, of course, did not know about it and continued to play Sega, nothing suspecting.

But the most surprising was the fact that many of the hits had very quality Russian translation. 
Ecco series is very lucky with the translators - a huge game text had only few mistakes, but, in general, was made well. Interestingly, the font was as carefully edited. 
It is very unfortunate that this is not the official localization of the game - it is worthy to be called to it, no matter what.


К большому сожалению, в те времена, когда Sega Mega Drive была популярна в России, было очень сложно найти лицензионные картриджи. Поэтому игрокам приходилось часто знакомиться с играми посредством китайских пиратских копий. Но… В детстве мы, конечно же, не знали об этом и продолжали играть в Сегу, ни о чем не подозревая.
Но самым удивительным было то, что многие хиты имели очень неплохой русский перевод.

Cерии Ecco the Dolphin очень повезло с переводчиками - огромный игровой текст имел лишь несколько ошибок, но, в целом, выполнен прекрасно. Интересно, что шрифт был так же тщательно отредактирован.
Очень жаль, что это не официальная локализация игры - она вполне достойна ей называться, несмотря ни на что.

I joked with Liris-san on Twitter that the pirates apparently thought it was a good game and wanted to share it, and this was her response:

Russian Pirate saing "A thousand devils! This is an excellent game! Haaarr!!" regarding Ecco the Dolphin

Fight Against the Vortex Queen


I’ll be honest, Vortex Queen is my nightmare. This is one of the most horrible bosses, I have just seen in the games. X) But still, the battle inspired me for this work. Small dolphin against hordes of alien monsters. He has been fighting for his family and for all the inhabitants of the ocean…


Awesome! Thanks for the submission!

Perler Beads, Part 1 by ~EternalBarrel


July 29th I made the Ecco Day in our group on VK - http://vk.com/eccothedolphin. It was very successful, and a couple of surprises happened during the day (thanks to Ed!).
Here I show you screenshots of the most successful and important posts. Yes, the Russian Ecco fans is also not forgotten about Dolphin’s Anniversary! ^__^

 I thank all members who participated in this event, as well as James Rolfe for his answer about Ecco and Ed Annunziata for his AMAZING GREAT surprise for us all! I’m happy that everything was so interesting!

Haha, rock it in Russia, guys!

I was honestly amazed by the turnout for the birthday bash. It’s a small fandom, and it’s seen its share of dysfunction, but I’m so glad we’ve stuck together. :)


The Origin Beach
Ecco the Dolphin in the harsh past of the Earth.

Beautiful! Thanks for submitting it!


The Origin Beach

Ecco the Dolphin in the harsh past of the Earth.

Beautiful! Thanks for submitting it!

Cold Water

This is my little gift to the 20th Anniversary of Ecco.
Yeah! Happy Birthday our lovely Dolphin! ^^

-submitted by liris-san

Oh my gosh it’s beautiful! Thank you for the submission!