Fuck Yeah, Ecco!

For the birthday party, submit your favourites!

Favourite song? I’ll see about pulling it from my collection!

Favourite quote? Let’s get them posted!

Favourite character? Celebrate our heroes and enemies!

Favourite moment? Share your pain at a hard level, the triumph at conquering it! Share a beautiful experience!

Favourite whatever! Celebrate Ecco!

Ecco’s 20th

I think it might be fun if, for Ecco’s upcoming 20th birthday, we all talk about things that make Ecco great, reasons why we still love and remember his games.


Submit your Ecco testimonial. It can be about anything Ecco - the original, Tides, Defender, Ecco Jr.; the gameplay, the music, the story; the wonder, the frustration, the joy. Write about it, draw about it, compose a song about it. Celebrate Ecco!

I’ll post any that I get in a row on Sunday, July 29th of 2012, the 20th anniversary of the first Ecco the Dolphin game. We’ll have a party. Let’s all make this milestone one to remember, even if SEGA doesn’t.

(Also, on my personal blog, I’ll be reblogging all my favourite fanarts from this one, so there’s another idea for your own personals. Or we can flood the Ecco tag with new artwork…)

What, if anything, are you doing for Ecco’s 20th birthday?

It’s coming up on July 29th!

I think I might try to finally beat Tides. Perhaps I’ll bite the bullet and attempt it on hard mode!