Fuck Yeah, Ecco!

Drawing a Clan Dolphin


Drawing a Clan Dolphin

No Longer Your Weapon-finding Purpose A by ~warrior-oji
Entrapment by ~AngemSeygon
(via Clash of Ideals by FELLARTS — Fur Affinity [dot] net)
Clan Christmas by *warrior-oji
Renegade clan orca by ~Jen-Foxworth
Powers of Levitation by ~Sibirica-avis
Mutaclone by ~rocioam7

Submitted by keepiru! Thank you!


I heard it was fishies birthday Not that Sega cares. 8D

So Iā€™m sifting through my art for all things related. c: Sorry guys spam <3

some concept art for a project/fun? the only new one being the top picture which was done months ago XD Old art. ahah! Nostalgic load screens. ;Db fail + ugly bar

I really like the battle swirl and deep sea. <3